Sunday, April 24, 2011

The best scrub suit

Leo is my high school friend who is now a nurse by profession and a businessman too. Since then, my high school classmate Leo always aspires to become a nurse someday that is why he is so happy right now with his profession. He is now the clinical instructor in one of the big hospital here in my town and I am so proud of him. Leo have different kinds of nursing uniform when he goes to hospital to report everyday. He has different kinds of scrub suits, and scrub pants but today he is asking me if I can accompany him to the nearest mall in town to look for a cheap scrub suit. We went to the store next to our house that offers different kinds of nursing uniforms but my friend Leo doesn't like the style so we just went home and look for a store online that offers a high quality made scrubs clothing and luckily I found a site named blue Sky scrubs that offers a quality made nursing scrubs, scrub pants, scrub tops, and many more... We are so happy that we found this kind of site that offers high quality made nursing uniforms at a very reasonable price. I am pretty sure that all of my friends will surely like this site. For more information about the Blue Sky scrubs site just visit them at

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